My daughter was falling out of love with orchestra when she met Amanda. Since taking viola lessons at Arco Studio, she has a renewed passion and genuine love of viola! She practices for fun and listens to strings music to relax. Also, on the admin side, Amanda is extremely organized—keeping me up to date with the practice schedule, my daughter’s accomplishments and makes it easy to pay with Paypal links. What a great experience!
— K. M. (current parent)
I’m grateful for every lesson with Amanda, each one is exciting and different! She makes the whole lesson about you (and music of course). It’s very easy to learn from her!
— E. M. (current student)
I have had the privilege to work with Amanda for the past two and a half years as a violin student, as well as, a parent of a violin student. My son, aged 12, and I started together a few years ago to learn the violin. I am a teacher also and know the great patience it takes, as well as, the rewards of the trade.
Amanda has a great personality for working with all students of all ages. She is creative in choosing music that not only challenges the student, but also is fun to play, which is important to those who get bored easily. She has a great rapport with all people. As a parent, I noticed she has great patience working with students who are especially reluctant to practice and still encourages and teaches them to play his/her best. As a student, I have had the opportunity to move at a pace that is suitable to learning technique properly, but also challenging enough to keep my interest.
A good teacher should have equal parts creativity and technical ability. I have noticed that Amanda portrays both of these traits when working with me and as she plays by example to help me learn. She has helped me develop technical skills in bowing and in learning positions on the violin. But most importantly, she has shown me how to read music not only with technicality, but with musicality and expression and heart. A great musician has to have passion for music, almost a feeling for the music and how it speaks to him/her.
I so enjoyed working with Amanda, and I am sad for myself that I will not have her as my teacher any longer. However, I know that she will be a great ambassador for your child or any adult student who has the privilege of working with her. She truly has a heart for music and helping others learn.
— P. W. (former student and mother of student)
Amanda is simply a wonderful teacher!
— L. W. (grandmother of former student)
Amanda was a fantastic teacher and violinist, I learned a lot from her. She helped me to develop my technique, play more challenging repertoire and prepare for competition. Lessons were fun and upbeat!
— S. W. (former student)